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"Conifer Publications"Conifers Call: Shimla Journal of Poetry and Criticism is an international refereed biannual journal. It is primarily a poetry journal devoted to the most noble and thought provoking genre of creative writing. Poetry has been at the root of human mind from the times immemorial and has manifested its multiple dimensions via diverse forms of expression. It has been a vehicle to express human emotions and sentiments thereby bridging humanity at large. Besides presenting poetry pertaining to nature, love, gender issues, fraternity, peace, human rights and justice thereby bringing the poets of the world together, Conifers Call also engages with critical and theoretical perspectives regarding literature with a view to deepen understanding of literature in general and poetry in particular. We hope that the call of Shimla conifers will go far and wide and sensitize the readers to outstanding ecological and environmental concerns today thereby also providing them an opportunity to express their poetic selves and share their critical concerns.

Editorial Board

We are today experiencing a rapid growth in the economy of unsurpassed nature. The policies of the government geared towards maintaining growth with social justice have largely contributed towards this, evidenced by our economy averaging a growth rate.

Review Editors

Vinay Mohan Sharma, Asstt. Professor in English, Govt. College of Excellence, Shimla, 171006.

Executive Editors

Abdul Majed Dar, Asstt. Professor in English, Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia.
Deepak Kapret, Asso. Professor in English, Rajiv Gandhi College, Shimla, 171004.
Naresh Verma, Asso. Professor in Public Administration, Rajiv Gandhi College, Shimla, 171004.

Associate Editor

Rekha Sharma, Chairperson, Department of English, H.P.University, Shimla, 171005.


Harish K Thakur, Chairman, Department of Political Science, H.P.University, Shimla, 171005.
Namita Sethi, Asstt. Professor, JMD College, New Delhi.

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Parmod Kumar Thakur
Thakur, Building, New Totu, Shimla, 171011

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Parmod Kumar Thakur
Thakur Printers, New Totu, Shimla, 171011